Obsidian Knives with Deer Antler Handles


Made in the USA.

Handcrafted flintknapped obsidian knives by Dale Duby.

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These flintknapped obsidian knives are designed and created by Dale Duby. Each knife is a one of a kind art piece and is individually handcrafted from stone and antler. These knives are made using deer antler for the handle, with a scrimshawed paw print on the end for added charm. Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed by the artist.

Through eons of time, man has made his tools from stone. From simple bone smashing hand held choppers (for acquiring bone marrow) to more elaborate fluted clovis spear and atlatl points to more modern arrowheads. Any type of stone was used that could be managed into a desirable size and shape and have a sharp edge. Jasper, agate, flint, and basalt are just a few of these materials.

The most prized of materials for prehistoric stone tool development was the volcanic glass known as obsidian. Obsidian from the Western United States has been found in the shape of prehistoric artifacts across much of the North American continent.

  • Large Antler- Approximately 11″ total length
  • XLarge Antler- Approximately 13″ total length

***No two handcrafted knives are exactly the same

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Large Antler, XLarge Antler