Wild Alaska Chaga Tea Bags


4 different ways to enjoy chaga- travel from the Fairbanks region of Alaska sampling wild chaga and wild blueberries then head south to taste rhodiola, organically grown near Anchorage. Finally, enjoy a blend of yerba mate from South America for a truly unique combination from each earthly hemisphere!


The chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) grows on birch trees in the Northern Hemisphere. Chaga has been used for centuries to make a healthy tea with a pleasant flavor. 100% pure wild Alaska mushroom chunks are collected from the pristine wilderness of Interior Alaska & sustainably-harvested and dried to perfection for use in tea or other concoctions.

Here are 4 different ways to enjoy chaga, each package containing 10 herbal tea bags that are hand-filled with 100% powdered wild Alaska chaga mushrooms.

  • Chaga Tea– Individual tea bags are a convenient way to brew your chaga one cup at a time. Each tea bag contains 1.5 g chaga and is packaged in a resealable storage bag to maintain freshness.
  •  Blueberry Chaga– Wild Alaska chaga and wild Alaska blueberries. Blueberries add a unique flavor profile making a slightly sweet, smooth cup of tea. A true taste of Alaska in every cup!
  • Chaga Mate– Try the chaga mate tea and enjoy a unique tea that combines sustainably harvested fungi and plants from the northern and southern hemispheres! Each containing 1.5 grams organic, fair trade yerba mate and 1.0 gram of chaga. The flavors of chaga and green, un-smoked yerba mate mingle to create an earthy, smooth flavor with slight brightness making a wonderful early morning beverage.
  • Rhodiola Chaga– Each containing 1 gram of both chaga and organic Rhodiola rosea. These adaptogens have been harvested, processed, and packaged in Alaska for a truly unique tea blend found nowhere else in the world. The flavor is mild, floral, and reminiscent of roses for an energizing cup of tea.

Made in Alaska.

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