Non Fur Ornament


Made in Alaska.
Ornaments by Naomi Leonard of Eagle River, Alaska.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Moose Head RM01, Muskox With Baby RM03, Sled Dog RM12, Raven (Totemic) RM18, Ski Moose RM22, King Salmon RM23, Snowshoe Hare RM27, Snowy Owl RM34, Sea Otter RM35, Killer Whale RM37, Totem Pole RM38, Polar Bears RM39, Horned Puffin RM44, Tlingit Chief RM45, Chickadee RM48, Ski Husky RM55, Sockeye Salmon RM63, Holiday Raven RM65, Bear In Canoe RM68, Rocking Moose RM71, Wooly Mammoth RM74, Moose In Canoe RM80, Santa In Canoe RM83, Matroshka Doll RM86, Igloo With Dog RM91, Moose On Snowshoes RM92, Beaded Bear, Beaded Raven, Beaded Moose, Log Cabin