Alaskan Alder Smoked Sea Salt – Denali Sp’ice


Made in Alaska.

Alaskan Alder Smoked Sea Salt is naturally delicious! It’s in a grinder bottle so it’s easy to have fresh ground flavor every time.

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Using salt harvested from Atlantic Ocean water which has been naturally filtered in the Brazilian Mangroves then allowed to dry with the sun and wind. This salt is slowly and carefully smoked with Alder wood gathered from the Alaskan Interior. The smooth smoky flavor is a wonderful compliment to almost any dish and perfect for gourmet grilling. This bottle of sea salt comes with a built in grinder top. Try it on fries, baked potatoes, tomato slices, cucumber wedges, in soups, or mix it with olive oil to make a rub for fish and meats. Made in Alaska.

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