///AK Birch Wooden Kitchen Utensils

AK Birch Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Made in Alaska.

Hand made kitchen utensils out of Alaskan Birch. Great additions for any kitchen.

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Hand Carved out of Alaskan Birch, these kitchen utensils are both uniquely Alaskan and handy!

  • Salad Scoops– $14.95
  • Coffee Scoop– $9.95
  • Stirring Spoon– $7.95
  • Rice Paddle– $5.95
  • Wooden Spoon– $5.95
  • Spatula– $5.95
  • Narrow Spatula– $5.95
  • Spreader– $5.95
  • Jam Spoon– $5.95

Made in Alaska.

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Salad Scoops, Stirring Spoon, Rice Paddle, Wooden Spoon, Spatula, Narrow Spatula, Spreader, Jam Spoon, Coffee Scoop

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