Variety Pack Tea


Made in Alaska.

20 gourmet specialty tea bags made with 100% Alaskan Berries. The freshest of organic and wild herbs are presented in these delicious blends.


Alaska Botanicals Herbs and Teas offers a variety pack of their natural teas, including 5 of each:

“Aurora Borealis Blend”- This caffeine free tea is a refreshing minted floral created to delight the senses, with wild rose and elder flower.

“Yukon Yarrow Tea”- A go to sleep tea, evokes a sensual calm to your spirit. A palate pleasing herb tea. Also caffeine free.

“Seldovia Bay Blueberry Tea”- An antioxidant tea that is caffeine free, made with Alaskan blueberries set to cure in a delicious blend of natural herbs, spices and orange zest.

“Alaska Breakfast Blend”- An awaken tea, with a superb blending of Alaska wild herbs and fine imported black tea.

Made in Alaska.

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