Raspberry Rhubarb Syrup & Pure Birch Syrup 2 Pack


Made in Alaska.

This 2 pack offers the perfect sampler size for a first taste or to give as a gift! Put an Alaskan spin on your breakfast with these tasty syrups.

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Combined in whole-fruit syrup, the sweet and tart flavors of raspberry and rhubarb complement each other, offering a tasty treat perfect to use on crepes, waffles, and ice cream for starters. Being mostly fruit, this versatile topping is thick enough to use as a spread on toast as well, or as a glaze on chicken and pork.

Rich and spicy sweet, with a wonderful caramel-like flavor, Pure Kahiltna Gold Birch Syrup is produced on a Talkeetna homestead in Alaska’s upper Susitna Valley. Each spring sap is collected from the paper birch and evaporated into syrup in much the same way pure maple syrup is produced. It is wonderful on ice cream, in milkshakes, and coffee, and adds a divine sweetness to pancakes and waffles. Certified Organic.

This adorable 2 pack is perfect for a first taste or as a gift!

Made in Alaska

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