//Polished Nephrite Jade

Polished Nephrite Jade


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Mined in Afghanistan.

This beautiful Nephrite Jade has been polished smooth on all sides. It features a lovely dark green color and a flat edge that aides in displaying the specimen.

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Both Nephrite and Jadeite are commonly referred to as Jade. They are each metamorphic stones with an oily feel and can occur in similar colors, therefore they can be rather difficult to distinguish. In fact it wasn’t until 1863 that Nephrite and Jadeite were scientifically determined to be two different minerals! Jadeite is the more precious material, with Nephrite being a more abundant rock. Both forms have been used in history and culture for centuries. Prehistoric man used the stone to fashion hand tools and weapons. In many Asian cultures, jade has been revered throughout history- with wars being fought and entire cities traded for it! Today, jade is often given as a token of friendship or as an engagement gift, and some recognize it to symbolize the 12th wedding anniversary.

Nephrite is a form of the mineral actinolite. It is generally used more often in making jewelry, and it is considered to be the jade of ancient China. This specimen was mined in Afghanistan. It has a beautiful luster and a nice deep green color. It would make a spectacular addition to any collection, and could even be used for carving purposes.

Length: 6″
Depth: 3″
Height: 11″
Weight: 7.58 lb


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Weight 7.6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 11 in

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