Glacier Silt Soaps


Made in Alaska.

Fine Alaskan glacier silt added to a quality combination of ingredients for a skin polishing, very mild exfoliating effect. From Glacier Smoothie of Juneau, Alaska, these hand cut soaps are approximately 4 oz. each and smell amazing!

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Glacier Silt Soap® is made only in Juneau, Alaska, where glaciers abound. As these rivers of ice, relics of the ice age, slip and slide their way to the sea, a super fine powder of mineral-rich clay is produced. Every bar of Glacier Smoothie soap contains this silt which has been carefully harvested, heated thoroughly, and sifted by hand. Each hand-cut bar (approx. 4 oz.) of Glacier Silt Soap® comes in a colorful old-fashioned cloth bag with a GS metal tag and insert. Available in the following scents:

  • Diamonds in the Snow- There is simply nothing lovelier on a crisp sunny morning or moonlit night than seeing Diamonds in the Snow. The sparkle and quiet beauty of this fragrant soap speaks for itself.
  • Dividend Dreams- One more great thing about living in Alaska…dreaming of a warm, tropical vacation compliments of the Permanent Fund Dividend! Some say it smells like Hawaii. Bon Voyage!
  • Fireweed Fluff- The signal that summer is over and fall is on its way. Fireweed Fluff captures this moment with a wonderful scent that will keep you refreshed until the fireweed bloom again.
  • Five-Minute Forecast- Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change. Alaskan words to live by. Use Five Minute Forecast and feel refreshed and alive even when skies are gray.
  • Glacier Girl- Girly fragrance with glacial silt power! People have fallen in love with the scent of this soap and can’t seem to get enough!
  • Gold Panner’s Girlfriend- Aaww…isn’t that sweet?!? You will love this beautiful, truly Alaskan, gold-veined soap, rich with the blossoming scent of a handpicked bouquet of flowers.
  • Gumption- It’s the stuff pioneers are made of, but curiously it smells of little lavender flowers. It must be true what they say…”In today’s world it takes a lot of strength to be a true lady.”
  • Juneau Body- Siltiest soap ever! Made with a heavier grade of silt, this bar is strong enough for a man…but smells like cookies! Great for smoothing rough, tired skin.
  • Lemon Creek- Not the largest glacier in the Juneau area, but certainly a lovely backdrop for the daily commute! This creamy, citrus-scented bar is quite popular with the locals.
  • Original- The introduction of glacier silt takes soap to a new level in the Original bar. Clean, fresh, and lively with the crisp smell of an ocean morning. This was the soap that started it all!
  • Purely Perseverance- With the character of the silt itself shining through, this bar contains no added fragrance or artificial color.
  • Sandy Beach Sunrise- Waking up in the Last Frontier – could there be anything finer? Seize the day with a grapefruit scent that will get you going quicker than a cup of mountain man coffee!!
  • Sea Pickle- An old favorite infused with the eye-opening aromas of lime and a little ginger. Named for the old timers’ way of pickling sea kelp.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 1.5 × 2.75 in

Diamonds in the Snow, Dividend Dreams, Fireweed Fluff, Five-Minute Forecast, Glacier Girl, Gold Panner's Girlfriend, Gumption, Juneau Body, Lemon Creek, Original, Purely Perseverance, Sandy Beach Sunrise, Sea Pickle