Denali Dreams Gift Sets


Made in Alaska.

Gift Packs from Denali Dreams of Anchorage. Each includes 2 of their luxurious handmade soaps beautifully packaged with a ribbon.

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From Denali Dreams of Anchorage, Alaska, these gift sets each include 2 high quality handmade soaps, approximately 4.5 oz each.

  • Klondike Kate and Soapy Smith Pack– Both of the Gold Rush’s favorite “Gold Diggers” in one scheming pack. Soapy Smith’s Saturday Night Special to leave you feeling like a million bucks after washing with the soap that’s as good as gold and the tantalizing Klondike Kate Complexion Bar sure to leave you ready to seduce any chap who comes your way.
  • Manly Two-Pack– This pack contains one ManlyMan soap paired with a HandyMan Soap. This soap is made especially for the guy that will appreciate a fine handmade soap built especially for him!
  • Alaskan Beer Soap Pack– Go for the gusto with this fine tradionally handcrafted soap pack made with real beer from Alaska’s Midnight Sun Brewing Company. A froathy lather will help you celebrate life, party in the shower and no hangovers… guaranteed!
  • Wild Berry Gift Pack– Bringing together the best of the berry world we combine the juicy Blueberry Soap and the tangy Cranberry Soap. A great gift for all those berry lovers!
  • Wildflower Combos: Wild Iris & Fireweed or Chocolate Lily & Wild Geranium– This combo is for the floral lovers at heart. These well known Alaska wildflowers scatter the hills in the green of summer. Perfect scents of Wild Iris, Wild Geranium, Fireweed and Chocolate Lily.
  • Winter Soap Packs: Aurora/Cabin Fever, Glacier Glow/Cabin Fever, or Glacier Glow/Aurora– We have what are called Light Chasers in Alaska. They are people who chase the Northern Lights even in the negative cold dark winter nights. Even if you aren’t as brave as some here are two soaps that will remind you of the “lights” but also keep away the winter blues. Cabin Fever Reliever has essential oils that help calm and sooth the nerves.

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

Klondike Kate & Soapy Smith, Manly 2-Pack, Alaskan Beer Soaps, Wild Berry Pack, Wild Iris & Fireweed, Chocolate Lily & Wild Geranium, Aurora & Cabin Fever, Glacier Glow & Cabin Fever, Glacier Glow & Aurora