Ch’izhir Barbecue Sauce


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A not-so sweet mustard based barbecue sauce, in the style of Georgia and the Carolina’s.

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Talkeetna Condiments offers this sauce as a tribute to the Gwich’in Athabascan people of Alaska. As an effort to contribute to preserve their native dialect, Talkeetna Condiments named it Ch’izhir, which is Gwich’in meaning the biggest Bull Moose. Ch’izhir sauce is a delicious mustard-base barbecue sauce that is uniquely different from sweeter ketchup-base sauces.
We hope Ch’izhir Barbecue Sauce will become your choice for grilling, smoking, or just as a table condiment. It is the not-so sweet sauce for all your barbecuing needs, and yes it’s even delicious on moose!

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