////Caribou Antler Ulu- Bear Carving

Caribou Antler Ulu- Bear Carving


Made in Alaska.
From B. Merry Studios of Anchorage, this beautiful ulu knife doubles as a valuable kitchen tool & a work of art! The carved bear handle is made using shed caribou antler and the blade is 440 stainless steel.

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The ulu knife is quite a versatile utensil for kitchen, shop or outdoor use. Alaska Natives have utilized the ulu since at least 1900 B.C. Originally the blades were made of jade, slate or bone.

Made by Bob Merry of Anchorage, Alaska, using shed caribou antler. This ulu is truly unique & even comes with a stand made of the same material. That way it can be proudly displayed! The steel is 6 inches, 440 stainless, and as with any cutlery it should be washed with warm soapy water and promptly dried.

**No two handcrafted ulus are exactly the same.

Made in Alaska.

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Caribou Antler, Branched Caribou Antler

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