Alaskana Botanicals 3 Salve Sampler


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Made in Alaska.

Sampler pack includes 3 of Alaskana Botanicals’ healing salves, 1/3 oz. each.


3 Pack Sampler includes various options of the following healing salves by Alaskana Botanicals:

  • Alaskan Spruce is a healing/giving conifer with many uses. Its boughs and oil have been used for relaxing bathes, liniments, soaps and shampoos to name a few. This all natural Alaskan salve can be used as a local antiseptic, to alleviate pain and applied to burns and rashes.
  • Balm of Gilead is a natural healing remedy for skin irritations, pain relief, sunburn, scratches, bruises, swelling and excellent on dry cracking skin. It has some of the same pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin. It is a time immemorial medicinal, and has several references in the bible and other ancient manuscripts.
  • Comfrey Salve aides in the healing of closed-tissue skin irritations such as burns, abrasions, scars, slow-healing wounds and insect bites. It can also be applied to bruises, fractures and sprains.
  • Devil’s Club Salve is a healing salve that can be used as a treatment for eczema, burns, scratches, and dry skin. It increases blood circulation and is great as a topical pain reliever.
  • Miracle Mend Salve– A Body’s Friend. This wonderful blend of powerful healing herbs is a must for every medicine cabinet. Use topically for dry, chapped or cracked skin. Also great for insect bites, stings, burns, rashes, bruises, cuts and hemorrhoids.

Made in Alaska.

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Devil/Miracle/Spruce, Devil/Comfrey/Spruce, Devil/Comfrey/Miracle, Devil/Gilead/Spruce, Miracle/Comfrey/Spruce

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