///Alaskan Birch Kitchen Utensils

Alaskan Birch Kitchen Utensils


Made in Alaska.

Trapper Creek wooden kitchen utensils hand carved out of Alaskan Birch. Makes unique and handy additions for any kitchen.

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Kitchen Utensils handmade from Alaskan Birch in Trapper Creek, Alaska.

  • Tsp. Scoop- $7.95
  • Coffee Scoop- $7.95
  • Spreader- $7.95
  • Slotted Serving Spoon- $7.95
  • Medium Spatula- $7.95
  • Rice Paddle- $7.95
  • Large Turner Spatula- $9.95
  • Large Spoon- $13.95
  • Spaghetti Spoon- $19.95
  • Folding Tongs- $23.95
  • Scissor Tongs- $23.95
  • Salad/Pasta Claws- $23.95

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Tsp. Scoop, Coffee Scoop, Spreader, Slotted Serving Spoon, Medium Spatula, Rice Paddle, Large Turner Spatula, Large Spoon, Spaghetti Spoon, Folding Tongs, Scissor Tongs, Salad/Pasta Claws

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