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Alaska Diamond Willow Trinket Boxes


Made in Alaska.

Treasure box made from Alaska Diamond Willow. Each box is beautiful and uniquely patterned and is available in 2 sizes.

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Made in Palmer, Alaska by R-Woods, these boxes are unique and each is one of a kind. Made from Alaska Diamond Willow, which is not an actual species of tree but a deformity in willow trees resulting from a fungus. Cankers are formed on the wood as response to the infection, resulting in the “diamonds”. Bark that is left over top of the diamond changes quite markedly from the bark over the living sapwood (depending on the species of willow, the living bark is usually smoother and slightly lighter in color). The bark over the diamond typically becomes rougher and somewhat darker. It also becomes more tough and adherent to the underlying wood.

Available in 2 sizes, each box varies slightly in shape and pattern of grain; they are lined with colorful felt and are great for gift giving. Can be used as a stash box to store jewelry or other keepsakes and treasures. Approximate dimensions in inches: 2.75*2.5*2.5 for the smaller box, 3.5*3.5*2 for the larger box.

Made in Alaska.

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